Sustaining Mekong People's Livelihoods
Mekong Youth: Campaigning

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Sustaining Mekong People's Livelihoods


The Mekong Youth Assembly aims to motivate and empower children and youth, sharing knowledge and skills, and to protect the Mekong River and its ecosystem. Mekong Youth exercise and claim ecological child rights and participation rights, aiming to bring positive changes to policy and practice in Mekong communities and at local, national level and regional levels.

Activity Description

1) Leading Communities
2) Campaigning
3) Youth Empowerment

The Mekong Youth Assembly is a network of youth who come from the six countries that share the Mekong River: Tibet/China, Cambodia, Myanmar, Laos, Thailand and Vietnam. It aims to encourage all youths in the Mekong countries to bring about change in environmental concerns by working with their communities. It is a child and youth initiative group, started under the Terre des Hommes Germany – Southeast Asia Working Group for Biodiversity.

The organisation provides enables youth trainers to bring environmental knowledge and skills back to their communities.

It also provides campaign materials for community groups fighting to protect the Mekong, see Whilst external organisations provide training, workshops and other projects, Mekong Youth spread this new knowledge and new skills out into their communities. They decide what training, workshops and campaigns are most important at community level, and enable participants to take the skills back to their communities and sharing them there.