Solar Lights Project
Solar for Life: Being the Change

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Solar Lights Project


Solar for Life is a not-for-profit organization aiming to provide access to clean and affordable energy to developing communities across the world. Through our network of ambassadors, we fundraise and install solar lights to reduce kerosene dependency in off-grid areas. Solar for Life functions on three pillars:

1. Micro-Impact Solar Light investments

2. Developmental Research

3. Sustainable entrepreneurship education and programming

With such basic, yet holistic mechanisms , we ensure that communities are better off and most importantly, self-sufficient.

Hopes and Challenges

To continue to reduce carbon emissions and increase use of appropriate solar energy technology across the world…

Activity Description

Solar for Life subsidizes the cost for entrepreneurs in local communities to purchase portable solar lights.  Micro-entrepreneurs who purchase the solar lights sell the solar lights to their local community members, often times in local spaces. The entrepreneurs make a profit, and are able to purchase more solar lights from us at cost — this is how we sustain our operations. Concurrently, we work with local non-profits and educational institutions to hold educational sessions in communities where the solar lights are sold in order to educate local community members of the benefits of portable solar lights in comparison to kerosene lights. Moreover, Solar for Life donates solar lights to local events in communities in which the solar lights are being sold in order to promote the adoption of portable solar lights. Solar for Life partners with trusted local non-profits and educational institutions to delegate responsibility and complete deliverables in our physical absence, such as holding educational sessions, promoting portable solar lights by showcasing them at local community events, and distribute lights to micro-entrepreneurs.  For example, our partners in Johannesburg manufacture solar lights which include a stainless steel body, battery, led light, solar panel and solar stand. Almost 65% of our assembly components are materials from South Africa, which helps create and sustain local jobs. The lights have 3 different light settings (low, medium and high) for energy efficiency and have power equal to 16 candles.