Play it On

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Play it On


Our mission is: to spread awareness around and facilitate possibilities of re-usage through the passing on of sports equipment across country borders, thus promoting every child’s right to play and contributing to processes of intercultural exchange and global social awareness. This mission has three elements:

1) We aim to fight for children’s right to be children by strengthening their access to equal sports and play
2) We want to create possibilities for alternative cultural encounters and meaningful interaction between travellers and Ugandans
3) We want to promote opportunities for recycling and redistribution, thus contributing to awareness on sustainability

Hopes and Challenges

Play It On wishes to engage as many as possible in our project: both clubs in Denmark, individual travellers and schools in Uganda.  Why not arrange football tournaments between Danish and other country clubs?  In the long run, our vision is to expand programs focusing on re-usage of sports gear to more countries – in the overall aim to ensure equal access to sports and play for children and youth on a global scale.

Activity Description

Whilst briding cultural barriers, we reduce waste society by recycling high-quality clothing and improve children’s conditions to play. Play it On Football Exchanges leverage the fact that Danish, German and American soccer clubs regularly discard equipment each season. Play it On collects the equipment, and connects with travellers, planning to visit either: Uganda, Tanzania, Kenya, Togo, Kenya, Ghana or Rwanda. Many travellers today express frustration, of having a hard time connecting with locals and experiencing real life and not only national parks. Play it On solves this for them, by setting them up with a sports event in the country they are visiting. Soccer is an amazing tool to break down cultural and socio-economic barriers, after having played a game together, tourists will have a better opportunity to meet and understand the local kids and vice versa. In return for participating in the game the local school or soccer team, receives a donated set of football equipment.