Mideast Tunes Academy

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Mideast Tunes Academy


The mission of Mideast Tunes is to bridge barriers of faith and geography to unite people committed to fostering constructive discourse in the region through music.  Mideast Tunes Academy is a digital media production program that provides training to youth in the Middle East, enabling them to gain the necessary skills to host their own shows on Mideast Tunes Radio.

Hopes and Challenges

To use music to make bridges and bring down barriers.

Activity Description

The project comes from Mideast Tunes’ desire to promote bands and musicians that would otherwise not be given an opportunity in the international scene. Many people around the world would not think to look to regions like the Middle East and North Africa for highly thought provoking music. The need to change that is our driving force.  We believe music can change the world and that the musicians of the Middle East and North Africa will lead the way.