International Young Environmentalists Youth Summit (IYEYS)
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International Young Environmentalists Youth Summit (IYEYS)


In 2017, over 300 young changemakers will participate in IYEYS, a youth-driven capacity-building conference, to gain skills needed to take their environmental campaigns to the next level. Young people (and the adults who support them) working on issues across the environmental spectrum – from sustainable agriculture, renewable energy, plastics free, transportation, water quality, and so much more – are welcomed to attend.

Activity Description

Held annually, the International Young Environmentalists Youth Summit (IYEYS) is a youth-imagined, youth-driven, and youth-executed event aimed at providing young environmentalists the tools they need to take their campaigns to the next level. From youth who have started global organizations, to youth who are leading school-based environmental projects, IYEYS is for everyone.  Skills-based topics include:How to turn  a project idea into action; How to write grants & fundraise for your project; How to engage stakeholders as partners; How to create diverse, inclusive projects; How to manage your time & resources efficiently; How to develop skills that build your volunteer team; How to leverage Web 2.0 & Web 3.0 strategies; How adults can leverage youth engagement.  Environmental issues include: Sustainable & Urban Agriculture; Stream Ecology & Water Conservation; Marine & Wildlife Conservation; Renewable Energy; Waste & Consumption; Transportation & Air Quality; Land Use & Environmental Planning; Environmental Justice; Diversity & Inclusion; Career professionals from these topic areas; Internships opportunities within these topic areas.