Heat Wave in My City (HWiMC)

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Heat Wave in My City (HWiMC)


HWiMC aims at raising awareness and training students and professionals to climate & energy issues and to local governance in the context of climate change. Our specific objectives are:
* To confront local and global perspectives on climate change consequences
* To learn about heatwave consequences and short-term and long-term policy options
* To formulate innovative and practical solutions to a particular problem: a heatwave
* To encourage participants to learn about the issues and interests at stake by performing a stakeholder analysis

Hopes and Challenges

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Activity Description

A HWiMC event usually comprises three parts:
1) An introduction to climate and energy issues in the context of a heat wave.
2) A simulation of negotiations between stakeholders in the context of a heatwave striking a capital city in the year 2045. This stage, central to the HWiMC project, invites the participants to negotiate a deal as a stakeholder (hospitals, industries, farmers, transport system managers…) in the context of an ecological crisis striking a major global city, so as to find short-term and long-term solutions. Each participant plays the role of one key stakeholder to the crisis and should propose an action plan to tackle it – in accordance with other stakeholders’ interests. The challenge is even greater for the participants as they face budgetary, water and energy constraints.
3) Reflections on how to create resilient cities based on suggested solutions.