Green Office or 'sustainability hub' at university

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Green Office or 'sustainability hub' at university


You’re studying or working at a university. You recognize that sustainable development is the largest challenge of our time and you want your university to make a difference. But, do students and staff know what your university is doing on sustainability? Do they know who’s working on the issue or where to get support for their initiatives? If your answers are “No!”, then you might want to establish a “The ‘Green Office’ or ‘Sustainability Hub’, to connect,empower and support initiatives of students, staff and faculty to realise solutions to the Sustainable Development Goals at a university. The SDGs that each hub focuses on depend on the context of each university.

Hopes and Challenges

We hope that YOUR university will join our network, so we can share experience and power : )

Activity Description

In high-income countries in Europe, the focus so far has mainly been on goals like climate change mitigation, education for sustainable development as well as responsible consumption and production. The vision is that action is taken through a whole institution approach, focusing on education, research, operations, community and governance: The ‘typical’ GO has: a) a team of student employees and at least one staff member; b) student volunteers engaged in projects; c) funding from the university; d) office space and online presence; d) mandate from university management.