Floreo Solar Lamp Adoption Project
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Floreo Solar Lamp Adoption Project


In 2012, Nigeria’s Ministry of Power indicated that efforts to increase electricity delivery would focus on locations already on the grid, which would only reach 75% of Nigerians by 2020. This meant that poorest and marginalized populations would have to wait indefinitely to have access to electricity. Our objective is to ensure that as many households as possible in remote subsistence rural farming communities have access to clean, efficient, cost effective and affordable renewable energy services and technologies.

Hopes and Challenges

Further expansion to more households currently off the national grid.

Activity Description

The components of our project are fourfold:
(i) Provide the right knowledge/information of current harmful energy fuels and technologies in use;
(ii) Provide the right knowledge/information on the wide benefits of new alternative energy technologies available and ways to have access to them;
(iii) Provide financial system and assistance to enable affordable households have access to these new technologies;
(iv) Provide new technologies for purchase and other pre and post technical and non-technical support services.

Households which have bought and are using solar lamps now report (i) Cost savings or no cost to energy technologies for lighting; (ii) Reduced incidences of attacks from poisonous insects and crawling creatures during at night; (iii) Reduced pain in the eye especially for children and women that use kerosene lamps to study and do chores; (iv) Increased study time at night for school children and students; (v) Increased time for business/trading.