COP in MyCity

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COP in MyCity


COP in MyCity is a youth-led project which aims to bridge the gap between climate negotiations (a.k.a. the COPs: Conferences of the Parties) and youth in order to inspire local climate actions in all cities of the world.  It does this by fostering education and action about climate change locally, and by creating an international community of change-makers.  Its specific objectives are:

1) To empower youth through training and concrete local climate actions
2) To deepen the interconnections existing between international climate negotiations and local climate action
3) To create a strong international and intercultural community of young change-makers committed to the fight against climate change

Hopes and Challenges

COP in MyCity is an international project. In 2015, simulations were organised in 28 countries. The team is currently working on the development of our toolkit, with the goal of translating it in 3 other languages (chinese, portuguese and german). Thus, we will be able to reach and train more young people in other areas.  We are also trying to organise simulations for young professionals inside their companies in order to encourage them to implement new ways of working.  COP in MyCity is looking for new recruits in 2017.  Contact,, or for more info!

Activity Description

1) Training: In order to reach as many people as possible, we need to ensure that everyone understands what is at stake. It can be done with micro-conferences that call back causes, consequences and issues about climate change.

2) Simulation: With the help of our toolkit (available in English, Spanish and French), the simulation is at the heart of our project: you need to work on proper arrangements for conducting an interesting simulation. Role-playing simulation games are one of the best tools to make people understand climate negotiations and climate issues because they are directly immersed as main actors.

3) Mobilization: This time is devoted to discussion within our team and within the COP in MyCity community. We share the results of our simulations and get all our positions reviewed. This is also the time where we launch concrete projects for attenuation and adaptation to climate change, allowing us to link information, empowerment and action.