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Our mission is to create useful materials from waste that exists in society. In the modern world, there is an increasing environmental cost of the products that we use. As a society, we must find innovative solutions so that the materials we create, use and dispose of do not have a harmful, lasting legacy. Our mission is to ensure that our future is built upon more sustainable foundations.

Activity Description

The popularity of poultry: With its rapid production time and variety of cuts and uses, poultry is one of the world’s most popular sources of meat. Globally we consume around 134 million chickens every day. That’s a lot of feathers!

The problem with feathers: Feathers make up around 5% of a bird’s weight. These feathers are a significant waste disposal issue for the poultry industry and are either incinerated or turned into low-grade animal feed. In the UK alone, we produce 1000 tonnes of waste feathers per week.

Recognising the potential: Feathers are composed of keratin, a chemically resistant and physically strong protein. Thanks to their microscopic structure, they are one of the lightest natural fibres in nature and are also excellent thermal insulators. So there has to be a better use for our waste feathers.

At Aeropowder, we’re developing new feather based materials that can be used to create high-performance and environmentally friendly products.