About us


Young Upstart is a hub of information for young people who realise that our planet is in a mess, and who want to do something about it.  The situation is getting desperate: 1) In late 2020 we’ll find out whether the USA will really pull out of the Paris Climate Deal, which is there to encourage countries to reduce their carbon emissions. This depends on who is elected as president in the USA in November.  2) The Worldwide Fund for Nature (WWF) has calculated that we use the resources produced by “1.6 earths per year”, meaning our lifestyle isn’t sustainable.  3) Global scientists say that the ‘Doomsday Clock’, which measures the likelihood of a human-caused global catastrophe, is pointing at a hundred seconds to midnight.  Meanwhile, some scientists say we should look for another planet to colonise.  In short, we can’t wait for the older generation to fix our planet for us, and in any case, they’re not the main stakeholders of the future.  We, the younger generation are the main stakeholders, because we’ll be the ones left.  So, we must take as much responsibility as we can, now, to make and shape the future.

Who We Are

Young Upstart is managed by Serena Adutt, from Canterbury, UK.  The website was built by James at Realising Designs in nearby Whitstable.  During the week, Serena studies geography, economics, Spanish and English.  At other times she travels, takes photographs, writes, manages this site, and answers your questions if she can!  Add your great activities to the site, and I’ll make sure they’re seen by others!  And pls follow me on twitter @youngupstart!  Since January 2020 Young Upstart has been registered as a ‘community interest company’ (UK company number 12431532), which means we don’t make any profits.

What We Do

Young Upstart operates this hub to facilitate communications, that’s all.  We don’t implement projects or activities of our own.  Many young people are already doing lots of good things all around the world, some in their own big organisations, some individually in their own homes or back yards.  Our website gathers information and lists these activities and projects, to help us to inform each other, motivate each other, network and grow.  It enables us to learn from each other’s experiences, be more empowered, build momentum, and fix our planet for our future!  We’re also interested in addressing eco-anxiety, and we have another website for that (see the link at the top of this page).

Other Frequently Asked Questions

1. What kind of activities are listed on the website?

The criteria for activities or projects listed on Young Upstart are:

a) they must be initiatives of young people
b) they must be implemented by young people, and
c) the overall objective of each activity must be to build sustainable ways for humanity to live on earth without damaging future prospects.

The website doesn’t include, for example, projects which are designed by adults, for young people as beneficiaries.  And it doesn’t include activities of young people which have other overall objectives.

2. What age group do the projects on the website represent?

We don’t have strict age criteria.  But we expect most activities to originate from people aged between 15 and 30.  This is a very productive age.  Albert Einstein was 26 years old when he published his Theory of General Relativity, and Malala won the Nobel Peace prize when she was 17 years old!  Of course, we recognise that, whilst a lot of adults are part of the problem, many others have a lot to offer as part of the solution.  As young people, we can and should work with committed adults, accepting their support, and building on their great experience and knowledge.

3. Does Young Upstart implement projects?

No.  Young Upstart doesn’t implement projects.

4. Can I Add an Activity in another language, not English?

For the ‘Search’ and sorting functions of the website to be effective, using one language (English) is helpful.  But we realise that other home languages are more useful across the world.  If you would like to add an activity in another language you can, as follows.  Either:

a) Write each section of the Activity in two languages, that is, English and the other language, possibly one paragraph at a time. This will, however, only give 50% of the available space to each language.  Or

b) Write and Add the Activity twice, that is, once in each language. If you do that, please add both activities within the same 12-hour period.  We will then put the English version in the main Search area, and we will add a link to the other language version in the header of the English version.

5. Can I receive updates on new projects you put online?

We don’t have an automated way to do this yet.  A good way to keep in touch at present, is to follow us on @youngupstart on Twitter.  We’ll send some updates that way. We may add an automated function during 2020, for users to receive e-mail notifications of new activities which are added to the site.

6. Is the information on your website accurate?

It’s only as accurate as the information which users enter.  We trust users, and we don’t check all the details.  However, we review all Activities before uploading them to the website, to ensure all Activities meet the acceptance criteria.

7. Can I remove an Activity from the website?

Yes.  First, if you only want to edit an activity, you can go to the activity and click on ‘Suggest an edit’.  Alternatively, if you want an activity removed, please go to the ‘Contact us’ page, and send us a message.  In your message, please state why you want the content removed.  We’ll always remove an Activity if:

a) we are contacted by the person who originally submitted the activity; or
b) we are contacted by the person legally responsible for the activity or for any of its content; or
c) we are persuaded that the content is inappropriate for any reason, and cannot be appropriately changed.